April 5, 2016

I just used your fund guide and newsletter to put together a portfolio for retirement. They were a tremendous help, especially the distributed yield info. Thanks for a great product!

— Lee Vaughan, The Woodlands, TX

November 18, 2014

Please extend my most heartfelt compliments to Dan and the staff of the Independent Adviser for your excellent and timely coverage of the … issue that I recently had with Vanguard. … I am very skeptical that this issue would have ever been resolved without Dan's intervention. Good work!

— A.B.

October 23, 2014

Initially I thought you were like a number of newsletters, but I found after a while you really get into what is going on with Vanguard.

— C. Huth

October 10, 2014

Dan, I wish I met you in 1991. Now, approaching 80, I read advice on retirement portfolios and know how off the mark I am. … Anyway, thanks for being there. Your advice and insights are worth more than anything I've ever received elsewhere.

— C. Gaines, Oro Valley, AZ

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