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Bonds 101: Vanguard's Income Boosters

It shouldn't be that hard to understand bonds. It just takes a little effort—which I think everyone should make. Bonds are too important to building a diversified portfolio to neglect. Yet while I would never advocate avoiding bonds completely, over the past several months that I've become increasingly concerned about bonds—particularly bond index funds. In short, investors have been piling into bond funds at a record clip over the past four years, taking on greater interest rate risk while at the same time being paid less than they ever have for it. And given what I think most investors don't know about bonds, I'd say that's dangerous.
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Active Management is Not Dead

As requested by some subscribers who were in attendance, these are the slides I used for my presentation at the May 2017 Las Vegas MoneyShow. In the presentation, I talk about what makes a fund manager a "Top Gun" manager, and who my picks for the title are in Vanguard's stable—no surprise, I own all of them in my Model Portfolios. I go into why you should buy the manager, not the fund by illustrating with a few handy charts how the manager's record is more important than the fund's as a gauge of future performance. I show some of the pitfalls Vanguard steps in over and over again when it comes to active management.
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The Answer Book: Money Making Secrets Vanguard Will Never Tell You

There's one answer that I don't need to tell you: Vanguard is the best place for your money. The low fees, excellent returns and the variety of mutual funds available all make Vanguard a terrific choice. But there are some ins and outs, some hints, tips and secrets that will make your investing with Vanguard even better. That's why I put together The Answer Book for Vanguard Investors.
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Personalized Vanguard Investing

Members have a choice of four easy-to-follow models using Vanguard funds to formulate a personal investment strategy—whether you're a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor. My Personalized Vanguard Investing Special Report provides a description of the portfolios' strategies so that investors can decide which one best fits their investing goals. The portfolios are designed for investors with goals ranging from growth to income. It doesn't matter if you are a 30-year-old father of two preschool children, a 55-year-old with two kids in college, a 62-year-old approaching retirement or a 70-year-old living in retirement. One of the models can meet your personal investment objectives.
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Hot Hands

Hot Hands is a momentum-based strategy using research I have conducted over the years—one that has left the market in the dust over the long haul. The thesis is quite simple: Investors who purchase the prior year's best diversified Vanguard equity fund and hold it for a year, and continue with that pattern year after year, will beat the stock market over time. A simpler way of saying this might be that investment success doesn't disappear with the turn of the calendar.
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Greater Indexing Profits: Best & Worst ETFs at Vanguard

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, were a misunderstood, newfangled investment 'product' just a decade ago. Today, they are hot, and deservedly so. In many ways they are stealing the march, and stealing assets from traditional index mutual funds. Recognizing this, Vanguard upped its ETF offerings in 2010, with a series of Russell and S&P indexes, including the S&P 500. This move was an in-your-face challenge to the dominance of Barclay's iShares unit.
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Making Money as Rates Rise

The Fed's pace of raising the fed funds rate has accelerated, with multiple hikes in 2017 and more to come this year, though this is not the kind of Fed tightening that investors have had to deal with in the past. Higher rates are a headwind for bonds and bond funds, and today's low yields mean there will be less income to offset the initial price declines that come with higher rates. But don't abandon core bond funds—they along with stock funds continue to serve investors well in balanced portfolios.
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4 Funds for 2018

Which Vanguard fund managers can be trusted to grow and protect your money this year? Vanguard won't tell you, since the fund family has emphasized indexing over active management for years. But Vanguard has four actively managed funds that consistently beat the market and experience lower drawdowns in bear markets.
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Best and Worst Funds for 2018

With so many mutual fund choices available to investors, picking the best ones for your portfolio certainly isn't always easy. Vanguard offers more than 100 funds in its family alone. But not all funds are right for every investor. You need to choose the right funds to diversify and balance your portfolio—and avoid Vanguard's worst funds.
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