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Searching for affluent America? We can take you there...

For more than 35 years, InvestorPlace Media, LLC, based in Rockville, Maryland, has led the independent newsletter industry, providing independent investment leadership to millions of wealthy individual investors.

Our investment advisory services guide affluent, self-directed investors with high-quality, unbiased buy-hold-sell investment advice. We've established our reputation as the leading source for continuous investment leadership in our marketplace. InvestorPlace continues to grow by adding core investment advisory services, delivered by an ever-expanding number of channels. We've built a solid reputation for independent investment leadership among the nation's wealthiest self-directed investors.

We can take you to this affluent marketplace...

In today's complex media environment, it can be challenging to focus your marketing resources on reaching the affluent marketplace. Many resources can be wasted on the wrong prospects. Working with InvestorPlace gives you a unique advantage in assuring that your resources are directed at the right marketplace, at the right time, even while employing any number of different types of media.

As part of our mission of providing reliable, independent advice and leadership, we carefully screen each and every organization we work with to be certain that only the nation's leading firms are presented to our customers. That creates even more value for you, because the prospects reading your message know that we work with only the best in the business.

Choose your own success...

InvestorPlace offers you a wide range of opportunities to market to our select marketplace.

Media Types

Choose from our expanded selection of channels to reach our affluent marketplace. Please contact us for specific pricing and availability information, and for ratings and circulation information where appropriate and available.

Web site banners and buttons

Banner ads and buttons throughout our properties gain the attention of our technologically savvy, high-net-worth individual investors. Many areas of these properties are open to visitors, expanding the reach of your marketing message beyond our core subscriber base to an even larger group of affluent individual investors. Traffic to properties is driven by promotions to our customers, promotions to other likely individual investors, an intense public relations effort, and in partnership with other web properties.

E-mail and E-letter sponsorships

InvestorPlace's opt-in E-mail and E-letter services provide individual investors with timely guidance and information about investing. You can include HTML and text-only sponsorship messages in our daily e-letter and e-mail services. We'll work with you to craft the right message and offer for our customers. Availability varies.


Periodically, we present events for our customers to personally meet their newsletter advisors. Sponsorship of these seminars may include speaking times, distribution of materials, signage, hosted events and more. Availability varies. Please ask us about current opportunities.

Contact Information

Let us take you to this highly attractive audience. Contact us today to explore all the opportunities there are to reach our thriving marketplace.

For more information, please contact:
Jeff Kaplan
(301) 250-2201

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