May 17, 2018

More Uncertainty, Less Volatility

Small stocks have set records the past couple of days, with the Russell 2000 index and the S&P SmallCap 600 index both hitting all-time highs last night. One theory is that with a slowdown overseas and lingering concerns over trade tariffs, the better bet is on companies that generate most, if not all, of their business domestically. Smaller companies, rather than global behemoths, fit that bill. SmallCap Index (NAESX) is up 4.4% for the year through Wednesday, while 500 Index (VFINX) is up only 2.5%. Read More »

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The 3% Solution?

So far, 2018 isn’t looking like a particularly profitable year for either stock or bond investors. But that doesn’t mean giving up hope. The economy is sound, earnings are growing and liquidity remains high. If the markets are taking a pause, perhaps it’s a pause that refreshes, and improves valuations to boot. We recommend sticking with your long-term investment plan and not getting bent out of shape by the 10-year Treasury at 3% or the flattening yield curve, no matter what the financial media is saying. Read More »

March 12, 2018

Solving the Index Fund Gun Issue Is Easy

Guns have rightly become a front-and-center issue for investors–particularly investors in broad U.S. index funds like Total Stock Market Index (VTSMX). I’ve heard from subscribers, as well as clients and family members, who’d like nothing more to do with the gun and ammo stocks in their portfolios. The issue is, as I said, particularly acute for indexers. Read More »

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Re: Humor for your day

butwait (05-22-2018) wrote: Reposting a favorite... Read More »


Re: WOT shootings.

jacko (05-21-2018) wrote: Well, should of called it in to test your theory. StevenFromTexas Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I'm out pulling weeds this afternoon and look down > the street and see a young kid on the roof of his > house playing the part of a sniper with someone on > the ground. I kept waiting for someone... Read More »


Re: Corporate Bonds Sink Fast: One of Worst Tumbles Since 2000

bcc1234 (05-21-2018) wrote: Other than Wellington, we exchanged all our bond holdings over to Money Market accounts very early this year. Much like Steven from TX, I'm glad we did. A safe investment for me, is one I can count on not to lose money. VG Prime MM is perfect... Read More »

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