July 12, 2018

Name That Tariff

Here's a quiz of sorts. What do ceramic roof tiles, frozen okra, ATMs, manure spreaders and inflatable boats have in common? The answer may not surprise you if you've been keeping track of the current trade-war news. Read More »

July 2018 PDF

Spread It on Thick

Last month, we opened our history books. Well, in this month's issue, we take out our calculators. As we have many times before, we talk tax efficiency across Vanguard's funds and compare it to the story the low-cost fund tells about how to manage your investments (they're missing the big picture, which is that all that matters is your after-tax returns). We also review the many different prices Vanguard reports for the same ETF on the same day—not just the NAV and the market price, but the different prices that go on your statement and out to pricing services like Yahoo! Finance. In an industry where the conversation is often over basis points of under- or outperformance, these differences matter. We'll also show you some data that puts the lie to the recent myth that ESG (environmental, social, governance) funds outperform, run the numbers on Vanguard's Partnership Plan and mark the 35th anniversary of International Value. Read More »

June 11, 2018

Vanguard Hikes Partnership Plan Dividend 16.5%

Things are looking up for Vanguard's crew. On Thursday, Vanguard revealed to its employees that the Vanguard Partnership Plan's dividend for 2017 rose 16.5%, the largest increase since a 16.7% raise in 1997. Based in part on asset growth over the trailing three years, 2017 was the second year in a row that the profit-sharing dividend rose, after declining 0.7% in 2015. Read More »

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Re: Avoid the 5 Biggest IRA RMD Mistakes

butwait (07-18-2018) wrote: FYI Roth account owners DO NOT have to take lifetime RMDs; all of their voluntary distributions are tax-free. After the Roth owner dies, his/her spouse can be the new rollover (if properly re-titled) Roth account owner, and they DO NOT have to take RMDs, and they may take voluntary tax-free... Read More »


Re: Avoid the 5 Biggest IRA RMD Mistakes

Omega (07-18-2018) wrote: This wouldn't apply to a Roth would it? Because the IRS already got their money in that scenario. Read More »


Re: butwait

pinvestor (07-18-2018) wrote: The first couple of years I read the forum I assumed "butwait" was the alter ego of Dan Weiner. Read More »

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