December 14, 2017

Technology Trials, Tribulations and Blockchain

In this, the final month of a momentous year, bonds are outperforming stocks for the first time since August. While short-term bond yields have risen a few basis points, long-term yields have fallen about the same amount. Extended Duration Treasury ETF (EDV) is up 3.1% for the month and Long-Term Treasury (VUSTX) has gained 1.9%. But bond-substitute Utilities ETF (VPU) is off 2.3% and is the worst performer so far this month. Read More »

December 7, 2017

Incubation Complete

Ding! The timer just went off at Vanguard, and the chefs have deemed the actively managed Emerging Markets Bond ready for public consumption. What Vanguard failed to mention when it announced yesterday that Emerging Markets Bond would now be available for investment is that the fund has been running live, but in the shadows, since March 2016. Vanguard seeded the fund, managed by Daniel Shaykevich, with $10 million in March 2016, but did not make it available to investors. Read More »

December 2017 PDF

Improving on the Decade

'Tis the season for giving thanks, particularly for the extraordinary long-term returns we all now behold. And barring a calamity, it's going to get better, as the negative months that started the 2008 bear market (for instance, the 4.5% drop in November 2007 that is as of today just a bit more than 10 years ago) start getting wiped off current 10-year return calculations. The distortions will only get worse (some would say better) as we roll into 2018. Should you care? Well, an astute investor is a successful investor and won't let the numbers fool her. This gives you a leg up on your neighbor, who may, for instance, be willing to throw his investment plan to the wind and chase the past decade's gains—or even just this year's, since 2017 is poised to go down as a very good year for investors. Read More »

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Re: Investor's Dilemma: Take Stock Profits or Ride the Rally

butwait (12-17-2017) wrote: Looking at the S&P 500 Price Index: What If's... Observations: What if Ken Moraif's "What Do You Think Will Happen?" chart based upon the S&P 500 Price Index, and the 2002 - 2003 drop of -49% and the 2008 - 2009 drop of -57% were to happen with the November S&P... Read More »


Re: Maybe one shouldn't wait to age 70 to take SS Retirement

butwait (12-17-2017) wrote: Robert Thanks for bringing an excellent SS benefits article to our attention. My favorite (disjointed) takeaways are: "A Government Accountability Office study presented at the hearing showed that although Social Security provides a great deal of information to the public, “field offices?. . .?were not consistently provided key information that... Read More »

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