February 15, 2018

"Pop" Goes Volatility

The volatility and downdrafts of early February are lingering in the performance tables this month, with only one Vanguard fund, Short-Term Tax-Exempt (VWSTX), the money-market-like short term muni fund, posting a positive return for the month through Wednesday, up a fractional 0.1%. Otherwise, it's red on the month-to-date list, with Energy ETF (VDE) and Real Estate Index (VGSIX) posting the worst returns, down 8.4% and 6.7%, respectively. Read More »

February 8, 2018

Vanguard Investors Heavy in Stocks, Low on Cash

Vanguard investors haven't been this heavily invested in stock funds since the tech bubble. Combining U.S. and foreign equity funds, annuities and ETFs, Vanguard investors now have 69% of their assets invested in stocks. (In fact, since the market bottom, their allocation to stocks has risen by almost 55%.) Read More »

February 2018 PDF

Bull Fatigue?

Will the stock market continue its climb to new records, or are the recent declines the beginning of the end for the nine-year bull market? As an investor, that might seem the critical question to ask, but it’s not. Stocks are off to a fast start in 2018, despite recent pullbacks (which for an investor is just a blip on a long course), but resist letting your short-term view creep into your portfolio review process. No one knows what will trip this market up—trying to time the market is a difficult game to play. Finding the right balance is the key to being able to manage spending time in the markets without market-timing, despite the inevitable ups and downs. Read More »

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Re: Money Market

mf102 (02-20-2018) wrote: 2.5C..used to be called 2BC but it's price went up. It is a wine sold by Trader Joes at $2.5 a bottle. The official name is "Charles Shaw". The Chardonnay version won some prizes. 2BC has been around for at least a decade now and is sold only at... Read More »


Re: Portfolio Risk Calculation

sretepm61 (02-20-2018) wrote: Thanks for the tip on the visualizer. It looks quite promising. Read More »


Re: Money Market

KevinLangan (02-20-2018) wrote: RetiredGuy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What is 2.5BC ? Bitcoins... Nero is angry he didn't get in at the beginning..... Read More »

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