April 19, 2018

After a Calm, Freshening Breezes

With the U.S. and allies launching an air strike in Syria over the weekend, many were expecting another bumpy week in the stock markets. Fortunately, stock market volatility took a bit of a breather this past week (though it's popped up a bit today) as Wall Street began focusing, importantly, on earnings reports. The bottom line is that bottom lines are doing very nicely thank you, which helps make valuations look a bit more reasonable. Read More »

April 2018 PDF

Tariffs and iTurmoil

In this month's issue, as we continue to weather the market turmoil with the help of Vanguard's best managers, we'll arm you with the information you need to keep your portfolio afloat. First, we'll check in with Vanguard's new factor ETFs after their first full month of operation and go into some questions we've been posing to one another about them. Then, we'll look in on socially responsible investing through the lens of the "gun issue" and Vanguard's Social Index fund, and we'll tell you how we recommend you solve the problem of supporting the causes you champion. We'll also look at where cash has been flowing into and out of Vanguard funds, review Vanguard's shortest taxable bond fund after its first three years of life, analyze the manager changes at Explorer, and show you just how hard it is to predict which sectors will outperform in a given year. Read More »

March 12, 2018

Solving the Index Fund Gun Issue Is Easy

Guns have rightly become a front-and-center issue for investors–particularly investors in broad U.S. index funds like Total Stock Market Index (VTSMX). I’ve heard from subscribers, as well as clients and family members, who’d like nothing more to do with the gun and ammo stocks in their portfolios. The issue is, as I said, particularly acute for indexers. Read More »

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Re: Trend Tracking Indexes - Updates

butwait (04-20-2018) wrote: Domestic TTI International TTI Friday 04/13/2018 ... Read More »


Re: Employer Contribution Bump: The Stealth Raise Tax Reform

butwait (04-20-2018) wrote: Author Douglass' main message was about the tremendous compounding investing effects by simply saving another 1% each pay to their retirement account, either on their own, or taking long-term advantage of employer's matching funds. According to the Profit Sharing/401k Council of America, an industry trade group, about 78% of 401(k)... Read More »


Re: Wrong Again: Mutual Fund Conspiracy Theories

butwait (04-20-2018) wrote: T4 Thanks for sharing this interesting article about mutual fund conspiracy theories. It brought to mind several of the books that Jack Bogle has written about the tremendously high cost of financial intermediation that investors spend to eek out minimal investment returns. Bogle claims that due to the "tyranny... Read More »

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