November 8, 2018

Gridlock is Good

It may be true that politics don't drive the investment markets over the long haul, but boy, they sure seem to have had an impact over the short-term this year. Look at it from a risk-on, risk-off perspective. Through the end of September, the top sectors, using Vanguard's ETFs as a proxy, were the technology, health care and consumer discretionary groups of stocks. Then October arrived with the rising rhetoric around a very contested and contentious mid-term election. Read More »

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Losing Momentum?

To say that momentum went out of the market in October would be a vast understatement, as we watched the new U.S. Momentum Factor ETF fall 10.6%, close to the worst performance among Vanguard funds. How worried should you be about the October almost-correction? Well, correction or not, Jeff and I told you way back in January that, on average, the stock market experiences a 14% decline from a high sometime during the course of the year. That doesn't mean the market ends the year down 14%, nor does it mean that on average markets go down. It's just that downdrafts are perfectly normal. Stay the course. Read More »

October 10, 2018

Vanguard Investors Can't Trade on Day S&P Drops 3.3%

Today, on a day when the Dow and the S&P 500 index both dropped more than 3%, Vanguard's website failed.

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Re: Adviser Hotline, 11/08/2018 Gridlock Is Good. Calling our Great Pres. bellicose & belligerent.

JWL39 (11-12-2018) wrote: Whether "bellicose and belligerent is the best choice of words, Mr. Trump needs to think a bit more before he runs his mouth. it seems that maybehe might be walking back his comments now about the forest fire now raging in California. I wonder how much he knows about what... Read More »


Re: Did You Inherit an IRA? As a Beneficiary...

butwait (11-12-2018) wrote: Tom Thanks for the some welcome additional RMD info, particularly taking the deceased's final RMD. Not too many places cover that one specifically; some good info and cautions. IRA guru Ed Slott talks a lot about retirement accounts and how easily someone, the owner, spouse or beneficiary can easily... Read More »

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