June 14, 2018

Europe Plays Catch-Up

As has become the norm, this week was another filled with high-profile events on the world stage. Any goodwill generated at the G7 meeting didn't last the weekend, as President Trump and Canada's Justin Trudeau exchanged barbs. President Trump then met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. In a turnabout, while Trump didn't sign an agreement with his G7 partners, he did sign one with North Korea. Read More »

June 11, 2018

Vanguard Hikes Partnership Plan Dividend 16.5%

Things are looking up for Vanguard's crew. On Thursday, Vanguard revealed to its employees that the Vanguard Partnership Plan's dividend for 2017 rose 16.5%, the largest increase since a 16.7% raise in 1997. Based in part on asset growth over the trailing three years, 2017 was the second year in a row that the profit-sharing dividend rose, after declining 0.7% in 2015. Read More »

June 2018 PDF

Head-Snapping Reversals

In this month's issue, we crack open our history books. Managed Payout, Vanguard's take on an endowment-like portfolio, opened 10 years ago last month as part of a trio of Managed Payout funds, which Vanguard consolidated and rebooted five years ago. We'll review how the original funds fell short of the mark and how the one-fund version has fared since Vanguard slapped the reset button. We also take a look at Vanguard's upcoming Total World Bond ETF, due in August, and do a little backtesting to see whether adding foreign bonds would have boosted performance compared to sticking to U.S. bonds. Then we put SmallCap Value Index and SmallCap Growth Index, both of which turned 20 last month, through their paces to see if value stocks really outperform growth and small-caps really outperform large—and show you what you may be missing when you ask those questions. You'll also find an Interview with Spencer Adair of Baillie Gifford, one of the managers at Global Equity, who delivers some fascinating insights about the art and science of global stock-picking. Read More »

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butwait (06-19-2018) wrote: Please see: a post with over 5,400 views and 69 additional postings for some discussion and indications. ButWait Read More »


Re: What's the Most Popular Age to Take Social Security?

edheath (06-19-2018) wrote: My wife is currently retired with no income, and will be taking SS later this year at 62. No reason to work if you don't have to! We have enough in investment income to supplement our retirement, but the SS will help with our cash flow. Read More »



edheath (06-19-2018) wrote: I personally love the Wellington and mostly use it as an income producer from dividends and capital gains! However, I do track how much it declines from its high and so far don't have any reason to sell to preserve capital. Read More »

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