November 22, 2017

This Market's No Turkey

Whether it was housing, the job market or manufacturing, the U.S. economy is firing on more cylinders today than it has in quite some time, and the Conference Board's Leading Economic Indicators Index (LEI) for October jumped way past expectations. The 1.2% gain in October was the largest jump in almost four years. More importantly, the one-year gain in the index was the best in almost two and a half years. Read More »

November 6, 2017

500 Highs

500! It's a big number. It's also the combined total number of all-time highs hit by the Dow and the S&P 500, when you count dividends. That's right, while the two indexes have hit a combined 357 all-time highs since the financial crisis, when you consider dividends, the two major market benchmarks have hit 258 (Dow Total Return) and 242 (S&P 500 Total Return) highs. That's 500 in total. (Yes, it's a bit of a cheat, since I've combined the two indexes in my count—but hey, if nothing else it's great cocktail party chatter.) So, why do total return indexes matter? Because dividends count. When investors look at their account statements they don't just see prices—they see prices and dividends and interest. It's the total return that matters. Read More »

November 2017 PDF

Star Managers, Not Funds

For those whose goals center around income, this month's issue features a data-heavy analysis of a question we hear regularly: If all I want from my investments is income, what's the best Vanguard fund for me? The short answer is, it depends. The long answer—and the way we prefer to look at the problem—is in the issue. To help you capture market upside and limit your exposure to market downside, we've also taken a fresh look at just how well Vanguard's funds play both offense and defense with an analysis of upside and downside capture ratios for all Vanguard stock and bond funds. We also "celebrate" 25 unspectacular years for three Vanguard index funds you can do without, point a finger at the lost decade in international stocks nobody seems to be talking about, and update you on a few new and continuing service problems we've been hearing about at Vanguard. Read More »

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rick (11-22-2017) wrote: KevinLangan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > Rebalancing tax-deferred IRA's, or Roths; no > problem with tax consequences. But I still usually > wait until all dividends and capital gains have > been distributed in December. Kevin Am I correct in assuming your reasoning for waiting for distributions is to maximize your profits or performance on your fund... Read More »

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