November 15, 2018

Points Versus Percentages

Consumer prices increased 0.3% in October—the highest monthly rate since January—leading to a 2.5% headline inflation number for the last 12 months. A bounce in energy prices was a factor, and of course with oil now headed south, it should be a factor going the other way in November. At core, taking away the energy and food price components, inflation is running about where it has been, at 2.2%. I think this gives the Fed policymakers plenty of cover for another 25-basis-point interest rate increase at the conclusion of their December 19 meeting. Read More »

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Losing Momentum?

To say that momentum went out of the market in October would be a vast understatement, as we watched the new U.S. Momentum Factor ETF fall 10.6%, close to the worst performance among Vanguard funds. How worried should you be about the October almost-correction? Well, correction or not, Jeff and I told you way back in January that, on average, the stock market experiences a 14% decline from a high sometime during the course of the year. That doesn't mean the market ends the year down 14%, nor does it mean that on average markets go down. It's just that downdrafts are perfectly normal. Stay the course. Read More »

October 10, 2018

Vanguard Investors Can't Trade on Day S&P Drops 3.3%

Today, on a day when the Dow and the S&P 500 index both dropped more than 3%, Vanguard's website failed.

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Re: OT: Which political party is finacially responsible?

jsarnow (11-17-2018) wrote: See! I told you StevefromNorthernMexico would hit the ceiling. John Read More »


Re: Problems with VG site

JimboAZ (11-16-2018) wrote: 1) - I don't have the app, so no help there. 2) - Arrow over the My Accounts tab and a drop down menu appears. Click on the 4th item - Dividends & Capital Gains. I think that is what you are looking for. Jim Read More »


Re: OT: Which political party is finacially responsible?

StevenFromTexas (11-16-2018) wrote: The Democrats can start offering spending cuts instead of grandstanding. Your horses are pooping all over the cart. Read More »

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