December 6, 2018

Inversion Immersion

Traders are having their time in the sun, taking the stock market down on a host of worries that, they must have concluded, are going to be the death knell to this bull market. Their obsession this week is yield curve inversion. An inverted yield curve? Well, maybe. Because there's an inversion in a short segment of the yield curve, between 3-year and 5-year bonds, all of a sudden the worrywarts are headed for the hills. Read More »

December 2018 PDF

Returning Fire

You can't blame the midterm elections for all the market volatility during November, but the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the outcome certainly contributed. A number of Vanguard funds were in correction territory on the day after Thanksgiving, but some of our stock funds rallied to our defense, including our safest equity fund, now one of the top Vanguard funds for the year. And of course, all of the anxiety in the markets is setting off pundits and talking heads, who are dusting off their crystal balls as the end of the year approaches. Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley and Vanguard CIO Greg Davis are putting their prognostications out into the ether to join Vanguard founder Jack Bogle's. Our take is, you can put those prognostications in the trash where they belong. Let the pundits predict and pontificate for the media. In the end, you and I will do just fine. Read More »

November 21, 2018

Vanguard Responds to Fidelity No-Fee Funds—As Predicted

Well, we got it exactly right, as you can see in the October issue. Vanguard announced Monday that it is getting rid of the higher minimum on its lower-cost Admiral index funds. Effective immediately, the Investor shares are closed to new investors and the minimums on the Admiral shares have been dropped from $10,000 to $3,000. If you are in the Investor shares, you can call Vanguard to transition you to the Admiral shares to take advantage of the lower fee, or just wait until April 2019 when your shares will be converted automatically. But you really should convert as soon as possible. Read More »

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Re: Limit on dollar purchases

butwait (11-30-2018) wrote: Some Thoughts About Getting Into VG’s Closed Funds Observations: Yes! No! Maybe! It all depends… Forum members have had a variety of VG representatives’ takes on doing getting into closed VG funds. Dan has provided some info and guidance, too. See Kevin’s post re: limits on... Read More »


Re: Limit on dollar purchases

KevinLangan (11-30-2018) wrote: If there is a 25K maximum, and you are already in the fund, or have Flagship Status, which allows you into the fund, you still cannot buy Admirsl Shares until your balance in the fund exceeds 50K. So if your balance right now is under 25k, you won't get Admiral... Read More »


Re: Trend Tracking Indexes - Updates

butwait (11-30-2018) wrote: Domestic TTI International TTI Friday 11/23/2018 ... Read More »

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