October 30, 2014

Not a New Normal, Just Normal

We have one more day to go before the end of October, and after all the handwringing about the stock market's volatility and losses this month, it turns out that, well, volatility is still somewhere around what I'd call normal (below average, actually) and those losses have essentially been wiped out. Remember, I said that this was not a 'new normal' but rather a 'regular, run of the mill, old fashioned normal stock market.' Now, what were you so worried about? Read More »

October 14, 2014

Scare Tactics and the VIX

The headline is ominous: 'CBOE Volatility Index Shows Fears in Financial Markets Highest Since 2012.' But here's the thing: The VIX has averaged 13.77 for all of 2014, about the same as 2013. The fact is that the VIX, or 'fear gauge,' bounces around like a ping-pong ball on illicit pharmaceuticals. Read More »

October 2014 PDF

The New Bond King

In this month's issue, we launch into Vanguard's reponses to investing for retirement, which is without doubt a complex, long-term challenge. The mutual fund industry, Vanguard included, has provided investors with what appear to be very simple solutions: Life-cycle funds in the guise of Target Retirement Income and its ilk. I have some serious issues with the one-size-fits-all promise of life-cycle funds. But they are a popular choice, and for some savers the only options in their 401(k) plans, so I'll try to help sort out Vanguard's life-cycle options and provide enough information for you to make your own informed decision. I'll then tell you why I think that you can do better with just a little extra effort. Also in the issue, I illustrate the effects of geopolitical events on the market and show you why you shouldn't panic when the world becomes uncertain. And finally, I'll tell you about Vanguard's multimillion-dollar money fund decision, with far-reaching effects on the fund market. Read More »

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Re: Why is Buy-N-Hold So Hard to Follow?

jerrygg (10-31-2014) wrote: Buy and Hold here. Had a big of weak knees on international in 2008 to my chagrin! However other than that have stayed the course. I have gone a bit more into Wellington and Wellesey. Read More »


Re: When A 'Loss' Isn't A Loss At All

Not Law (10-31-2014) wrote: As I see it, the ULLI theory is that every decline COULD be the big one, so get out early. If it was not, get back in even if you lose a few dollars doing so. But if it is the big one, you got out quick (as... Read More »


Re: Trend Tracking Indexes - Update

butwait (10-31-2014) wrote: Day/Date Domestic TTI International TTI Friday 10/24/2014... Read More »

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