April 23, 2015

NASDAQ's New Watermark

How does the stock market feel to you so far this year? I doubt many would say 'average,' but that's just what we've seen so far. Through Wednesday night, 500 Index was up 2.9%, which puts it on pace to deliver about 9% on the year—pretty average to me. While returns on the year have been average, the NASDAQ index just did something it hasn't done since the tech bubble peaked 15 years ago—close at a record high. Read More »

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Six of One, Half Dozen of Another?

With the dollar as strong as it is now, this is as opportune a moment as any to take a few dollars off the table and use them to buy better valued stocks denominated in weaker, non-dollar currencies. In this month's issue, I'll share details of several trades I recommended in the March 19 Hotline to boost our allocations to overseas shares. I'll also highlight the benefits of opening (and funding) an IRAs for a teenager or young adult—let the power of compounding work for them early and they'll have a big leg up for their future. Also in the issue, Vanguard's newest actively managed stock fund is gaining attention and inflows. I'll break down the fund's strategy for you and show you what I think investors in the fund should expect going forward. Read More »

March 6, 2015

Vanguard 2014 Supplemental Distributions

Vanguard released estimates of the supplemental distributions it will be paying in March for funds that didn't fully distribute capital gains, or income during 2014. There were few surprises in the list and most of the distributions are fractional when compared to funds' Thursday NAVs. Read More »

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Re: How to Create Tax-efficient Income in Retirement

funnymoney (04-25-2015) wrote: A clarification regarding my 2 previous posts above concerning 'rollovers' from direct distributions. Mr. Wait is correct when warning that there are complications and possible tax dangers, and he appropriately boldfaced this concern in addition to outlining a few other potential pitfalls. At the same time, for many the IRS... Read More »


Re: Assembling Model Portfolios

teresi (04-25-2015) wrote: Dan doesn't rebalance on a monthly/quarterly/yearly schedule... he lets us know whenever there's ANY change to be made in the portfolios, via the Hotline and newsletter. Otherwise than that portfolios are very static... just like I like them! Scott Read More »


Re: HCP vs O

mf102 (04-25-2015) wrote: HCP is the better buy and a morningstar favorite. Fair value $51 Consider buy $35.70 Consider sell $68.85 current price $42.45 nero Read More »

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