October 23, 2014

China's Inevitably Slowing Growth

The recent shootings at Canada's parliament are tragic and prove that disruptions can come from anywhere, at any time. As long-term investors we have to expect there will be more disasters in our lifetimes, and as Dan and I explored in last month's issue, history suggests that long-term investors should actually view these events as opportunities—not cause for panic or kneejerk reactions. Read More »

October 14, 2014

Scare Tactics and the VIX

The headline is ominous: 'CBOE Volatility Index Shows Fears in Financial Markets Highest Since 2012.' But here's the thing: The VIX has averaged 13.77 for all of 2014, about the same as 2013. The fact is that the VIX, or 'fear gauge,' bounces around like a ping-pong ball on illicit pharmaceuticals. Read More »

October 2014 PDF

The New Bond King

In this month's issue, we launch into Vanguard's reponses to investing for retirement, which is without doubt a complex, long-term challenge. The mutual fund industry, Vanguard included, has provided investors with what appear to be very simple solutions: Life-cycle funds in the guise of Target Retirement Income and its ilk. I have some serious issues with the one-size-fits-all promise of life-cycle funds. But they are a popular choice, and for some savers the only options in their 401(k) plans, so I'll try to help sort out Vanguard's life-cycle options and provide enough information for you to make your own informed decision. I'll then tell you why I think that you can do better with just a little extra effort. Also in the issue, I illustrate the effects of geopolitical events on the market and show you why you shouldn't panic when the world becomes uncertain. And finally, I'll tell you about Vanguard's multimillion-dollar money fund decision, with far-reaching effects on the fund market. Read More »

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Re: How to Make Your Savings Outlive You

mf102 (10-24-2014) wrote: John: A summary of the article. I did find a better copy that I could read but it was not outstanding. Anyway here is this. Besides, we need a few postings on the forum nero Read More »


Re: SpecID Cost Basis when transferring shares to VG

moetard (10-24-2014) wrote: I called Vanguard Brokerage Service today and the representative informed me that my request was common and not a problem for positions held in a Vanguard brokerage account. I would just need to provide the cost basis information for any non-covered shares (I have the trade confirmation for all... Read More »


Re: How to Make Your Savings Outlive You

JonH229 (10-24-2014) wrote: Nero: As I'm sure you are aware, that article was written 20 yrs ago, probably xeroxed copy later scanned. Archives are available for members only at, in case someone here is a member, maybe they can find a better copy to post. jon Read More »

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