May 28, 2015

Vanguard Launches Alternative Strategies Fund

While they can't seem to get their municipal bond index fund off the launch pad, Vanguard did make good on its plans to offer an Alternative Strategies fund, launching it this evening. Alternative Strategies has the option of using long-short strategies, event-driven investing, strategies to attempt to capture mispricing in the bond markets, and commodity contracts and currencies. Fund manager Michael Roach, a member of Vanguard's quant team, is expected to use leverage to amplify the investments in the fund. Read More »

May 28, 2015

Divide, Then Conquer

We've just got one more day to go before May is over, and oops, that Sell in May strategy really seemed to work this time, didn't it? I know, I know, there are five more months to go before the Sell in May idea is fully borne out to be a dim bulb or a bright light, but at least this first month seems to have yielded a short-circuit. Read More »

May 2015 PDF

Dow 16460

Are you ready for Dow 16460? You should be. But that's not a prediction. It's a warning, and it's based on history, not conjecture. Most investors aren't ready for a 10% market decline, in spite of the fact that historically, they usually happen about once every 18 months. But if you think selling at all-time highs or on 5% dips will let you sidestep bigger declines, think again. The odds are against you, as you can see in this month's newsletter issue–and so is the tax law, which takes a big bite out of any profits you might make with a short-term trading strategy. Read More »

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Re: Best Places to Invest Your Money Right Now

mf102 (05-29-2015) wrote: how about the market staying on the plus side till the elections are over next year (2016) ? Think history will show market up in third (this one) year of an election term and also the election year itself (next year). As far as interest rates go. Everyone and... Read More »


Best Places to Invest Your Money Right Now

butwait (05-29-2015) wrote: Best Places to Invest Your Money Right Now By Anne Kates Smith, May 27, 2015 The higher the stock market climbs, the harder it is to score big gains. You may find better opportunities abroad. As this bull market heads deeper into its seventh year, a remarkable feat accomplished only three other times... Read More »

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