May 21, 2015

Placing a Value on Stock Picking

Tuesday's report of a huge jump in housing starts (up 20% in April) was a nice kick in the prospects for a rebound from the winter's cold-edged consolidation. Not only were condos and apartments (those multi-family starts) strong, but so were single-family homes, which are where you really get a lot of economic bang for the buck driving material and labor spending. New building permits also were robust, which casts a pretty strong light on the potential for more good news on housing in the months to come. Read More »

May 12, 2015

Increasing Bond Volatility—Not Really

The recent rise in bond yields has given way too much talk of increasing volatility in the bond market. I beg to differ. As with the stock market, the recent up and down moves are simply a continuation of a trend we've seen for several years now. Two charts looking at the 10-year Treasury should provide some illumination. Read More »

May 2015 PDF

Dow 16460

Are you ready for Dow 16460? You should be. But that's not a prediction. It's a warning, and it's based on history, not conjecture. Most investors aren't ready for a 10% market decline, in spite of the fact that historically, they usually happen about once every 18 months. But if you think selling at all-time highs or on 5% dips will let you sidestep bigger declines, think again. The odds are against you, as you can see in this month's newsletter issue–and so is the tax law, which takes a big bite out of any profits you might make with a short-term trading strategy. Read More »

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Re: Banks as Felons, or Criminality Lite

butwait (05-27-2015) wrote: USA Today Editorial: What Big Banks (Haven't) Learned By: The Editorial Board, 7:20 p.m. EDT May 26, 2015 Don't bet the firm; don't get caught. The financial crisis of 2008 was supposed to bring a reckoning for Wall Street. Its top practitioners would reflect on how foolish they had been. They would... Read More »


Re: OT: Humor for your day

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Re: Caution About New Security Sign In

KevinLangan (05-27-2015) wrote: Skype is fine when contacting families back home. Not businesses. I also need service within the country I am in to make local calls. Lots of different ways to make calls depending on your circumstances. Vacationing situations very different from business trips. Read More »

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