November 20, 2014

Record Highs and Retail Swagger

The stock market is humming—at home, anyway. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has hit 27 new highs this year, including today's. The S&P 500 index has hit even more highs this year, rising to records 44 times. And many of those new highs have come over the past couple of weeks. Yes, the biggest U.S. companies are struttin' their stuff, whereas the smaller fare have tumbled a bit from the highs set during the first quarter. That's why you're seeing funds like Dividend Appreciation Index, up 2.2% this month, and High-Dividend Yield Index, up 2.1%, leading the charge in November. Read More »

November 17, 2014

High-Yield Portfolios Have a New Benchmark

High-Yield Corporate and its annuity counterpart, High-Yield Annuity, now have a new benchmark against which they're being compared. Read More »

November 2014 PDF

Tale of Two Months

October was a tale of two months. During the first half the S&P 500 dropped 7.7% from 1972 on September 30 to an intra-day low of 1820 on October 15. Then stocks reversed course, gaining 10.8% and bringing the S&P 500 to a new high at month-end. In a nutshell, volatility has been rising. But that volatility is completely normal. We've gone more than three years without a 10% or greater setback–though we came close to one a few weeks ago. Historically, 10% drawdowns occur about once every 18 months, on average. We are due. Read More »

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Re: Backtesting hypothetical portfolios

teresi (11-22-2014) wrote: Portfolio Visualizer is awesome!! It will backtest any mutual fund, ETF, or stock to 1985! The first link on the home page only lets you select asset classes, but this link will let you backtest anything: It will do Wellington! I couldn't seem to get it to recognized Berkshire Hathaway, though. Scott Read More »


Re: Should You Invest in More Risk as You Age?

butwait (11-22-2014) wrote: Scott The article points out: The approach may be best for a certain kind of retiree, and probably not those who suffered huge losses in 2000 and 2009. Some investors or retirees may be interested in the strategy; others are struggling with it, and probably don't want to be in... Read More »


Re: Hot Hands Funds

teresi (11-22-2014) wrote: I use the October strategy because it may outperform a little, possibly catching whatever will be hot for the best time of the year to invest... November to April. I also like that it's one less set of decisions to make at the very end of the year, when I have... Read More »

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