August 21, 2014

What Correction?

When the markets closed today, the S&P 500 index had set yet another record high, while the Dow index remains just 0.9% below its mid-July peak. We never got close to a 'correction' over the past few weeks, though you wouldn't have known that from some of the hand-wringing that went on the minute the stock market fell from its July all-time high. Of course, you weren't worried, were you, thanks to several of my recent Hotlines. Read More »

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Long, Slow Grind

The economy is in a long, slow grind higher. Whether it's GDP, labor, or personal incomes, we're grinding higher on most or all fronts. I continue to believe that a 10% correction would be a healthy setback and would knock some of the fluff out of stock prices. In addition, since Wall Street tends to throw the babies out with the bathwater during corrections, our managers would be like kids in candy stores given the pricing dislocations. So, I say 'bring it on.' Read More »

July 30, 2014

Inversions Hurt Individual Investors, Too

As U.S. corporations move offshore to potentially avoid billions in U.S. taxes—$19.5 billion in tax revenues over the next decade, according to the Joint Commission on Taxation, a non-partisan congressional research panel—they are sticking their shareholders with an unexpected tax burden over which investors have no control. Read More »

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Re: Looking for ideas on Taxable account

mf102 (08-27-2014) wrote: Gee Mona: If I get credit for that outstanding accomplishment then I had better find a 2BC and celebrate. :-) nero Read More »


Re: Looking for ideas on Taxable account

Mona (08-27-2014) wrote: I have no good answer for that question nero, I bet if you didn't run the V.I. out of town, he would have a good answer ;-) Mona Read More »


Re: Looking for ideas on Taxable account

mf102 (08-27-2014) wrote: Mona: I have no good answer for that question other than simplicity... I may not be squeezing the last dollar from the potato(e). I like my balanced funds :-) nero Read More »

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