April 17, 2014

End of Days? Not!

The seemingly endless fascination with an end-of-days scenario for the bull market just can't seem to get traction—though it's not for lack of trying. The false prophets of Wall Street foresee a terrible time ahead, with stocks falling at least 10%, inflation (or deflation—take your pick) coming down upon the consumer from on high, and a 'rigged' market yielding famine and destruction upon all who attempt to profit from it. Read More »

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Rational Expectations

Has the stock market suddenly become more rational? High-flying biotechnology stocks gave up 10.6% of their gains in March, and the hot market for initial public offerings (IPOs) cooled off as King Digital Entertainment tumbled 19.2% from its $22.50 offering price. And hopefully, investors' expectations have ratcheted down a bit as a result of a minor pullback in the major indices.

Either way, it's time in the markets, not market timing, that matters. Which brings us to my next point: If you haven't funded your IRA yet, do it now. Then help your kids and grandkids get in the act with their own Roth IRA. Not sure which fund to start them with? I've got a few suggestions in the issue, plus an interview with Don Kilbride of Dividend Growth.

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March 31, 2014

Has Vanguard Added Value To Selected Value?

In a typical Vanguard move, the firm announced today it is once again muddying the waters of a good stock fund by adding yet a third management team to Selected Value, an $8.5 billion mid-cap fund that performed worse under two managers than under one, and presumably will not see any improvement under three. However, given that Pzena won't be making too much trouble with the fund in the early going given the firm's small initial stake, I'm not as concerned here as I would be if Vanguard had handed over a large chunk of Selected Value's assets. And this isn't the last time you'll see changes at Selected Value, as Jim Barrow, 73, begins stepping further away from this fund. Read More »

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Re: High School Personal Finance Classes; Are They Really Useless?

JonH229 (04-19-2014) wrote: how about a paper route I had a paper route, it was great as a teenager. But that was in the last century. I have not seen a 'paperboy' in decades. Adults driving cars deliver the few print editions that still are surviving. jon Read More »


Re: Retirement withdrawals

tampabay (04-19-2014) wrote: Worst work in Investing "Average", Ok for baseball.....but don't be an "average" investor or go for "average" returns or "Average Fund managers" and on and on.... Average in School was a "C" that something to aim for? Read More »


Re: Retirement withdrawals

mf102 (04-19-2014) wrote: John Perhaps you should have retired in 1972 or 1970 nero Read More »

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