February 4, 2016

Looking for Correlation Where There Is None

Well, Jeff and I keep getting emails from Vanguard investors who say their account consolidations were totally messed up by Vanguard, and yes, some of them are considering leaving Vanguard entirely. Keep an eye on distributions. They're coming up again in March. Be very, very careful before you file taxes. Read More »

February 4, 2016

Is High Yield Headed for Lows?

Jeff and I often have more to say than we can actually fit in the monthly newsletter. This past month was no exception, as we've received a number of questions about high-yield bonds, and weren't able to find room in the newsletter for a complete response. But we heard your questions and concerns, and didn't want to delay sharing our thoughts. We'll update this info at month's end for inclusion in the March newsletter, but here's our thinking. Read More »

February 2016 PDF

Faulty Barometer

An old market chestnut says, 'As goes January, so goes the rest of the year.' There's just one problem: While the so-called January Barometer has a 72% chance of being correct, simply betting that the market will go up gives you an 82% chance of being right. So let's acknowledge that declines like those we saw this past month are a natural part of investing. While the S&P 500 ended the month down 8.9% from its May 2015 high, those losses are behind us, and selling now won't change that. Read More »

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sterling1370 (02-09-2016) wrote: Hello Sarwatserry, Prospect Capital as a BDC would be very volatile in itself, but things got really messy a while back due to pretty sloppy accounting practices. I think the stock was trading at around $11 back then. Ironically, it was a well regarded BDC up until the accounting fiasco. I don't know... Read More »



sarwatserry (02-09-2016) wrote: I had an investment in GABELLI utility fund AAA ( GABUX) to supplement my social security pay for several years, and it was paying 7C Dividends per share per month. and it was working fine until March 2015 when they announced the reverse split ( 1 share for every 2 you... Read More »


Re: On The Sideline

butwait (02-09-2016) wrote: Rick, Welcome aboard, it's nice to have you join us. This topic has been covered from time to time. Suggest you use the advance search function and research the topic. Some of the posts are about using moving average lines; some talk about using Ulli Niemann's Trend Tracking Indexes and... Read More »

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