December 11, 2014

Oil Greases a Slippery Market

After a very bullish year, December is off to a rocky start, with 500 Index down 1.9% through Wednesday. Tuesday saw the first 200-plus point swing in the Dow since October, when we saw those kinds of swings on almost half of the trading days during the month. And in Wednesday's trading, the Dow slid 268 points, or 1.5%. Read More »

December 4, 2014

Zero Down Sale on Market Neutral

Now, I don't want you jumping for the keyboard and logging into to trade into this one, but Vanguard has lowered the minimum on its Market Neutral fund to $0. Yes, that's right, $0. But that's only for investors working with financial advisers because, as Vanguard puts it, 'given the distinctive characteristics of the fund … [it's] not appropriate for retail investors broadly.' Hence the $250,000 minimum remains in place for them. Read More »

December 2014 PDF

Lo to No Volatility

If there's one thing I got wrong this year, it was my sense that stock investors were headed for increasing volatility after years of calm. Consider November: The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit no fewer than 12 all-time highs in just 19 trading days (the S&P 500 index did the same). But those highs came on slimmer and slimmer gains. On all but three days, the Dow gained 0.23% or less to reach a new peak. Heck, on the final day of the month the Dow hit a high on just a 0.49-point rise. This doesn't mean the market is necessarily topping out, but it could be interpreted to mean that it isn't wild-eyed optimists driving the indexes higher and higher. Read More »

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Re: Junk Bond Funds Get Trashed

lbrooks (12-17-2014) wrote: I may be incorrect, but I think Dan's recomendation (trade) which added High Yield Corporate( VWEHX) to the portfolios involved unloading GNMA (VFIIX) and reducing Short Term Investment Grade Bond (VFSTX). Maybe It's time to bring back GNMA to the fold and unload High Yield Corporate. Avalanche Read More »


Re: Trend Tracking Indexes - Update

butwait (12-17-2014) wrote: Day/Date Domestic TTI International TTI Friday 12/05/2014... Read More »


Re: Junk Bond Funds Get Trashed

tomcat50 (12-17-2014) wrote: Sold our VWEHX in September Read More »

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