May 26, 2016

Buying Pessimism

Tuesday's knockout new-home sales numbers were certainly a welcome sign of economic strength, but the stock market, which rose 1.4% that day, had already started climbing before the report, as Wall Street seems to be in one of its periodic 'risk-on' modes after last week's 'risk-off' worry about the Fed and the possibility of a higher fed funds rate. Maybe cooler heads have figured out that a Fed rate hike signals economic strength, not weakness. Read More »

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Q1 Blues, Ver. 3.0

After a rough start to 2016, a relative calm seems to have settled over Wall Street. Volatility is down; stocks are up; and high yield is back in favor. Meanwhile, the first-quarter GDP report raised investor anxiety, showing that economic growth was extremely light for the third year in a row, at 0.5% growth. Would I like to see stronger economic growth? Absolutely. Do I think the current slowdown warrants panic? Not at all. Read More »

March 10, 2016

Vanguard Expense Ratios Rise on 52 Funds

Vanguard's been making a lot of hay lately with news that its expense ratios continue to decline. But it's all a matter of how and when you choose to measure them. With the release of its December 2015 annual reports, fully 52 Vanguard funds (counting separate Investor, Admiral, ETF and Institutional share classes) saw their expenses RISE rather than fall over the past 6 months. Read More »

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Re: OT: Trend Tracking Indexes - Updates

butwait (05-26-2016) wrote: Domestic TTI International TTI Friday 05/13/2016 ... Read More »


Renew Subscription

KevinLangan (05-26-2016) wrote: With all the ads for the annual Memorial Day Subscription renewal at $199 for two years being advertised as a 50% discount; I just used Code MK 9016 and got a two year renewal at $164. I feel like I am at a car dealership negotiating for a price on a... Read More »


Evidence Of Seasonal Patterns In Global Stock Markets

butwait (05-26-2016) wrote: Sell In May And Buy In October: Evidence Of Seasonal Patterns In Global Stock Markets By: Jun Wei Yeo May 23, 2016 8:42 AM ET Summary * The May effect is evident. Not just in the S&P 500, but everywhere in the world. * The effect is attributable towards seasonality dependent on the sector. *... Read More »

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