August 27, 2015

Storm Before the Calm

It's been quite the week since last Thursday's Hotline. I'm going to assume that you've kept your cool, like any smart investor would, and tuned out the noise (and yes, it is noise) that accompanied heightened worries over China and the various machinations there that might or might not have an impact on our own economy and markets. Read More »

August 17, 2015

Vanguard Launches Two New Funds at Long Last

After five years of delays, cancellations, and more delays, Vanguard has finally launched a municipal bond index fund, Tax-Exempt Bond Index. The fund comes in several forms, including Investor shares (VTEBX), Admiral shares (VTEAX) and ETF shares (VTEB). And that's not all. Vanguard's new Alternative Strategies Fund (VASFX), approved for a launch in late May, is also seeing the light of day—but only for a select institutional audience as well as investors in one of Vanguard's funds-of-funds. Read More »

August 2015 PDF

Warming Trend?

Was global warming to blame for the GDP revision showing the U.S. economy growing, rather than shrinking, during the first quarter? I doubt it, but according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the economy continued its slow-growth, not no-growth momentum in the year's first three months. And in Washington, D.C., where hot air is a fact of life, Janet Yellen's Fed is warming to an interest-rate hike after all, despite the fact that inflation hasn't met its targets, whereas job creation and employment have. Read More »

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Re: Trend Tracking Indexes - Update

butwait (08-29-2015) wrote: FWIW Source: ButWait Read More »


Re: Lacy Hunt: Why Interest Rates WonÂ’t Rise

butwait (08-29-2015) wrote: T4 Thanks for sharing Hunt's interest rate article Observations: Sharing a couple of charts which may help clarify some of the items mentioned in Hunt's article. Note, the 20-year Treasury yields going back in time, and the Morningstar chart's 10- and 15-year ranking in category of 1. I saw a... Read More »


Re: HONEST. Assessments of What you've done. And / or if this continues below a. 20 % drop !

billwbrun (08-29-2015) wrote: I am 50/50 VWENX & VWIAX for 54% of my portfolio and 46% in Wiener's Conservative growth. I am going to move 15% of VWENX holdings into money market & VFICX.. Read More »

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