July 20, 2017

Changing of the Guard

Let's start with the big, but also not so big, news out of Malvern. Vanguard announced a changing of the guard last week: Tim Buckley will become President and CEO as well as a Vanguard board member, with current CEO Bill McNabb retaining his chairmanship. Greg Davis steps into the Chief Investment Officer shoes. And John Hollyer will take over Davis' role as Global Fixed Income chief. While the press spilled lots of ink over this, what you need to know is that nothing really changes at Vanguard. All of these executives are long-standing Vanguard employees. Only Davis, however, has any experience managing real money. Buckley, like McNabb, Brennan and Bogle before him, has never been a hands-on portfolio manager. Read More »

July 14, 2017

Vanguard Board Recommends Votes Against Genocide and Climate Change Proposals

With all the hoo-ha over the changing of the guards at Vanguard—Buckley as President, CEO and board member; Davis as CIO; and Hollyer as Global Fixed Income chief—you could be excused for missing the last two proxy proposals buried in the document that will be voted on by mail or at a shareholder meeting on Nov. 15, 2017.

One shareholder proposal concerns genocide-free investing, and the other concerns climate change. I'll let you read the specific proposals, but Vanguard's board is recommending votes against both. Read More »

July 2017 PDF

Markets Disconnect

This month's issue features the continuation of Bonds 101, our popular feature on the ins and outs of the bond market, by talking about the different types of risk involved in bonds and bond funds—and why rising interest rates aren’t a risk in the same way the media might be trying to get you to believe. We'll also look in on the Vanguard Partnership Plan, Vanguard’s internal profit-sharing mechanism that rewards all employees (from top management to phone operators) with a piece of the profits the low-cost fund provider generates each year, and I'll give you my best guess on just how much it pays to be a Vanguard executive. And speaking of executives, four members of Vanguard's Investment Strategy Group came out in a recent paper against Vanguard founder Jack Bogle's long-standing formula for predicting future market returns—but I'm not impressed with their methods, either. And finally, you won't want to miss the "new" active strategy Vanguard is employing in a fund I'll tell you about in the issue. Read More »

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Re: Self trade, robo ,financial planner

StevenFromTexas (07-22-2017) wrote: barrettclr Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Recent issue of AARP provides info on $50,000 > investment over 20 years as follows; > Do it yourself: $132,665 > Robo,adviser. $126,488 > Adviser. $109,556. ( 1-2% fee) > > Any comments Yes, I have a comment: Cancel your membership in AARP. Read More »


Re: Suggestions...Should I keep my 401k at IBM's Fidelity or move to Vanguard

mf102 (07-22-2017) wrote: Laura: Do the fee's charged by Fidelity to buy/sell/manage these funds, from wherever, exceed, by much, what Vanguard would charge if you bought them in a brokerage account. A complicated sentence. Asked another way: can you buy non Vanguard funds via Fdelity without paying load fees ? Can you do... Read More »


Re: Self trade, robo ,financial planner

mf102 (07-22-2017) wrote: Laura: I recently re-configured my portfolio. PRIMECAP & International Growth are contained in a Vanguard variable annuity. There are no dollar restrictions for a sub account. I am not living on this money but do take IRA RMD. i dropped Minimum Volatility in favor of International growth. (Kevin- that... Read More »

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