August 17, 2017

Global Consumer: Alive and Spending

According to FactSet, U.S. companies with more than 50% of their earnings coming from outside our borders saw higher growth rates in the second quarter than those companies with a home focus. The combination of a dollar tailwind (the dollar fell, making earnings in foreign currencies worth more when converted to the greenback) and faster economic growth in places like the E.U. contributed to an earnings growth rate that averaged 14.0% for foreign-business heavy companies versus 8.5% for companies focused domestically. Read More »

August 10, 2017

Minor Change Pits Man Against Index

Vanguard announced this week that three bond index funds (and ETFs) will get new names and portfolio clean-ups in the fourth quarter when the funds transition from tracking government bond indexes to Treasury-only indexes. Read More »

August 2017 PDF

Will We Be FAANGed?

This month's issue features the next part of our summer-long coverage of the bond market (perfect beach reading!) with a Funds Focus on Vanguard's taxable bond fund options. We've put a lot of information at your fingertips, with a data-heavy breakdown of the vital stats of each fund (including our proprietary MCL gauge) plus a discussion of the risks each fund is subject to and our rating on each fund. Plus, you'll find two updates on Vanguard stock funds that I'm keeping an eye on as they reach important anniversaries. One is a Model Portfolio stalwart that's been closed to new investors for a year—we'll tell you what we think might have to happen for it to open again, and how you might be able to get into the fund in the meantime. The other is a volatile stock fund that we've recommended for a short-term trading strategy, but management changes one year ago might have brought some calm to the portfolio. Rounding out the issue is our coverage of changes to Vanguard's Target Retirement lineup as old funds are phased out for new. Read More »

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Re: Wellington Fund being closed to prospective financial advisory, ... etc clients

dirkronk (08-21-2017) wrote: bad. On the other times I clicked in, I didn't notice the "FINANCIAL ADVISORS" header in the grey bar on top. So...this closing notice does NOT apply to individual investors dealing directly with Vanguard and - for now, at least - Wellington remains open. Correct? If so, I'm feeling a... Read More »

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