September 29, 2016

Generally Good Health

On its third and final estimate of how fast the economy grew in the second quarter, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported today that the economy grew at a 1.4% pace from April to June—slightly faster than originally thought. That's good, but not great, which further confirms something Dan and I have talked about for years now—the U.S. economy is in a slow-growth, not no-growth environment. Read More »

September 12, 2016

15 Years Later

This past weekend marked 15 years since the September 11 terrorist attack. While the weekend was best spent reflecting on those events and appreciating the friends and loved-ones and freedoms that we sometimes take for granted, there is also an important investment lesson we can all learn from the event: Market timing doesn't work. Read More »

September 2016 PDF

Wake Up!

August is over, and with it ends one of the most mellow summer months that long-term investors like us have ever experienced. It’s a safe bet that as traders return from the beach, we’ll see volatility pick up. If volatility is coming, and with markets now below the highs hit mid-month, should we be selling, having already missed the top? Read More »

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Re: Nero's recommendations/portfolio

mf102 (09-29-2016) wrote: Dutch: You have a post September 14 a ButWait reply September 15 was very comprehensive and probably answered your question. it is confusing to me what you have an want. Wellesley is an INCOME Fund. You want income. You have funds outside your IRA. If you are going to... Read More »


Re: Nero's recommendations/portfolio

Dutch (09-29-2016) wrote: Hi fellows, I was unable to recover my last letter. My letter omitted several key points plus what my goal is for my money. Honestly I am tired of writing about my portfolio. I used a Vangard Roto And found Dan was right on target with their strategies. I want to... Read More »


Re: Trend Tracking Indexes - Updates

butwait (09-29-2016) wrote: Domestic TTI International TTI Thursday 09/22/2016 ... Read More »

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