July 2, 2015

Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

It's been a troubling week for the little guys in Greece and China—not to mention some investors here in the U.S.—and it isn't over yet. First off, with Greece's prime minister saying, 'Let's put it to a vote!' but also trying to get the members of the European community to agree to yet another set of reforms that didn't go far enough, the German Bundestag said, 'No. That's okay. We'll wait to see what the Greek people decide before we consider lending you any more money.' Read More »

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Kick Can, Stub Toe, Default

Try as they might, the Greek government couldn't kick the debt can any further down the road as June closed. Having tried to bundle payments, defer payments, and finally call a vote on payments, Greece blinked before the eurozone's leaders and was forced to stop a euro drain by closing the banks and stock market to keep whatever money was still in the system from disappearing. Not that the Greeks were alone in sparking volatility across the globe. Halfway across the world, China's stock market displayed some pre-July 4 fireworks last month, as the skyrocketing Shanghai and Shenzhen markets hit an apex in mid-June and began a speedy return to earth. Vanguard's may get lucky with its timing in adding A shares to Emerging Markets Index—or not—but either way, Shanghai has been here before. Read More »

June 17, 2015

The Individual's Money Fund With the $5 Million Minimum

The press completely missed one of the craziest parts of Vanguard's announcement yesterday that it’s renaming and realigning its money market funds to keep their net asset values at a fixed $1.00 per share by avoiding the “institutional” label. Read More »

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The 11 Worst Money Mistakes to Make in Your 30s

butwait (07-07-2015) wrote: The 11 Worst Money Mistakes to Make in Your 30s By: Kathleen Eikins Business Insider Mon, Jul 6, 2015, 3:27pm EDT After a decade of experimenting, failing, and learning from those failures, most of us have figured out how to navigate, or avoid, the most common money mistakes by the time we... Read More »


Financial To-Dos Before You Die

butwait (07-07-2015) wrote: 5 Financial To-Dos Before You Die By: Brad Hoppmann June 25, 2015 Despite your efforts to stave off the inevitable, we all ultimately succumb to the reality of our mortality. Now, I know this isn¬ít the most pleasant thing to think about. But it is a fact we need to deal with honestly,... Read More »


Re: Financial Advisors Are Not Prepared for Millennials

butwait (07-07-2015) wrote: In addition, many financial advisers are into accumulation phase portfolio management and many aren't that helpful during the distribution phase to create monthly income cash flows which replace paychecks in retirement. ButWait Read More »

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